Pregnancy Question regarding montgomery glands

Patient: I recently engaged in dry rubbing with my boyfriend. He had on relatively thick pants (jeans) and I was wearing my yoga pants. After this incident I noticed montgomery glands (or tubercles) on my areolas a couple of days later. I did some research online and have only been finding that this is a cause of pregnancy. The pictures on the web also look similar to mine which have the little white spots on the nipple. I don’t recall there being direct fluid contact but I have been extremely paranoid because I have NEVER had these bumps in my entire life so I’m feeling very confused. I am also 2 days late for my period which is ALWAYS on time. Could I be pregnant? There was no direct contact between his penis and my vagina and I am fully aware what sex is and that the odds are slim, but these symptoms I am having are telling me otherwise. Can the montgomery glands possibly become more pronounced without pregnancy? Why is this the first time they have appeared after me with my boyfriend? Some other info, my period usually comes on the 20th of every month and I am 20.

Doctor: Thank you for your query.From your query it looks apparent that the chances of a pregnancy are almost remote. Breast g lands sometimes appear to become dark and white spots on nipple sometimes come even before having a menstrual cycle. May be during the sexual act your breasts were aroused because of which these symptoms appeared. Your period should come shortly. 7-10 days later if the period does not come go for a home pregnancy test or consult a doctor for scan to diagnose the reason for not having your period.Good day.