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Patient: Me and My Wife were planning to conceive and after trying for sometime went for Check Ups ?1. Ultrasound TVS of my wife was done, which was normal.2. HSG was done, radiologist report suggested normal report but the Gynecologist had different opinion. According to her, there was local spillage on right side.3. She advised for Laproscopy, but before that asked to go for TB Gold & Mantoux test of my wife.4. TB Gold showed Positive Result while the Mantoux report was Negative.5. My wife was than asked to go for TB PCR & Histopath Test.6. Histopath report was normal.7. TB PCR Report -Mycobacterium Tubecrulosis Complex – Not Detected.Non tuberculous Mycobacteria – Detected.8. Priods of my wife are normal & regular.8. My Semen Analysis Report is Normal.Kindly advice what should we do next ? Should we go for any medicines or Laproscopy or something else ?

Doctor: Since you have already done all the basic tests for ruling out the common causes of infertility, you may safely start tr ying to conceive. The histopathology report has tested negative for tuberculosis so there seems to be no active infection. Even if the HSG report is suggestive of one patent tube, the recommendations state that you should try to conceive naturally or with timed intercourse for atleast 6 months before trying out more invasive methods.A laparoscopy would be indicated only if you do not conceive after 6 months of actively trying to conceive.Timed intercourse with or without mild ovarian stimulation essentially involves tracking your wife’s ovulation cycle with ultrasonography or ovulation kits to know the day when she is most likely to ovulate. This day would be the most fertile day of her cycle and intercourse around and on the day of ovulation increases the chances of conception by 10 – 15 percent.Discuss these possibilities with your gynecologist or a fertility specialist in detail and chart out your treatment plan. I hope you conceive soon and begin your journey of parenthood.

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