Pregnancy Related Question

Patient: Hello,I have a pregnancy related question. I had my period March 19 and 22. From March 24 and March 31, this guy and I were fooling around. Lots of fingering and handjobs, but nothing more. On April 9 and 10, I had a strange light period. It was dark brown, not very much (enough to fill up a pantyliner but that was it), and lots of clots. I expect to have my period again in a couple days, on April 27. My cycle is typically between 35 and 39 days. Even more confusing, I started taking birth control for the first time (Microgestin) on April 15, which gave me pregnancy like symptoms (tender breasts, nausea, feeling tired).Now that I’ve given the basic information, I am wondering if I could be pregnant even though we didn’t have intercourse? Was the strange spotting on April 9 and 10 implantation bleeding? Am I just feeling pregnant because I started birth control, or is it a possibility through fingering? Lastly, is there a chance I was ovulating March 24 and 31 slash chance to get pregnant during that time even if I had my period the week before and my cycle is quite long?Thank you!