Pregnancy Risk after having Regular Period

Patient: Hi, what are the chances of my gf being pregnant after having 3 periods of last 3 month after having protected sex? (pulled out+ no leakage). We did not have sex since then until now. She always say she has this stomach discomfort and her period is due tomorrow. She is so worried about being pregnant so I just want to have your honest answer. Is there anyone out there got pregnant from what I have mentioned? I mean 3 periods+ did not have sex since then+ condom+ pulled out. Thanks !

Symptoms: Stomach discomfort

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is no chance of pregnancy with the history you have mentioned. Not getting the expe cted cycles soon after intercourse is a sign of pregnancy which needs confirmation. But if she has got her cycles, that too every month for 3 months after the last intercourse, which was even protected, she need not worry about the chances of getting pregnant. The symptoms of nausea, vomiting, anxiety, breast soreness and even bloating and weight gain could be seen in early pregnancy as well as premenstrual syndrome, when the cycle is soon approaching. This is due to premenstrual syndrome that she experiences these symptoms. Ask here to remain out of stress and also drink a lot of water a day and avoid smoking or alcohol, daily exercise of 30 minutes is recommended.Hope this helpedRegards