Pregnancy Scare Please help!!

Patient: Here’s the story: I finished on Sun Aug 23, and my boyfriend and I were going to have sex on Tues Aug 25. We didn’t do it all the way though.. The thing is, he ejaculated soon after I did oral. I didn’t swallow or let any of my hands touch or go inside my vagina. But when he fingered me, I’m scared that some of his semen or pre-cum on his fingers might have. And whenever I think about how he fingered me and the possibility of any semen or pre-cum on them, I get scared…I may be going paranoid, especially when there has been no record of women getting pregnant from fingering. But I even took Plan B on Thurs Aug 27 in case because I was that scared. I mean, better safe than sorry, right?Is there any way I can find out if I’m pregnant as soon as possible? Like what is the most accurate home pregnancy test and how soon to take it after taking Plan B? Please help, I’m really scared because Aug 25 was going to be my first time, and I would be scared to find out that my first time ends up with me getting pregnant just from fingering…

Symptoms: No symptoms, but I have taken Plan B One Step today (Thurs Aug 27)