Pregnancy scare without sex

Patient: My boyfriend fingered me. We were touching and holding hands before this so I don’t think he had anything on his hands. Then I gave him a hand job basically at the same time…he took me to my car, I drove home, and then I forgot which hand I touched him with and touched my vagina. Like I said I think his penis was just erect and I DONT THINK there was no fluid or cum coming out of it, and it was probably a 25-30 minutes from when I gave him the manual sex and touched my genitals…i have a lot going for me and a pregnancy would ruin my life. But what if he did have something on his hands? Or what if there was enough to get me pregnant?? I’m so scared!! Please help.

Symptoms: Na

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.First of all do not be scared. I have read your history and understood that there was no actual intercourse of ejaculation in the vagina. Hence, there are no chances of pregnancy. Stop worrying.You need intravaginal ejaculation of the semen with sufficient quantity of the sperms. This has not occurred in your case.Take more care next time.