Pregnancy Scare, worried

Patient: Got carried away had unprotected sex for about 2-3 minutes maybe. Then put on a condom and finished with the condom on about 3-5 min later. I had not ejaculated previously for at least 24hrs and had urinated numerous times previous to the encounter. also I checked the condom for breaks and everything appeared fine ( when sliding my fingers down from the base to the tip of the removed condom nothing came out). So my question is how likely is pregnancy with all things considered, low/slim?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Since it you have unprotected sexual intercourse prior to using a condom, it may be possibl e for pre-ejaculatory fluid, which contains sperm, to enter the vaginal canal of your partner which can eventually result in impregnation. We recommend that you discuss you concern with your partner and have a pregnancy test conducted to be certain.Thank you for choosing

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Guest: slim 🙂