Pregnancy scares and unknown problems

Patient: I am a girl. If a week before Christmas i got a guys precum inside of me, can i be pregnant? I have had my period so i thought i was okay but ive fainted twice since then after showering and i had some stomach pains the other day even though im not on my period. One of the times ive fainted was today and im getting those same pains in my stomach. The times between fainting are fairly large, one was about a half and a half ago and the other was today

Symptoms: Headaches after passing out, fainting, stomach pains

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The chances of pregnancy with pre-ejaculate are almost nil. Also, since you also had yo ur cycles later, it rules out pregnancy. See a Doctor for an examination and tests to rule out causes like anemia, high or low blood pressures, blood sugars , thyroid disorders and neurological deficits to rule out the causes for your fainting and treat the same accordingly.Hope this helped.Regards