Pregnancy scate

Patient: Hi Doctor,Three days back on friday, me and my gf were just playing around. I came inside my clothes before talking out my penis. after that i rubbed my penis on her clit and after sometym i mistakenly touched her vagina with my penis. My penis was hard erect but then but i was almost dried. after that my gf gave me a handjob and i took a long time for me to come again. my gf got started with her periods during this act only. to be cautious, my gf took emergency on monday, within 68 hours of the act. what are her chances of getting pregnant? is there anything we should do?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. There is a very low risk of impregnation in this encounter however it is still possible. Fu rthermore, your partner took emergency contraceptive medication after 48 hours of this unprotected sexual contact, which reduces its efficacy greatly. We recommend that she await the commencement of her monthly menstrual period. Should she be late, or her period is absent, we recommend that conduct a pregnancy test with her doctor to be certain whether or not she has become pregnant.Thank you for consulting