Pregnancy Symptoms

Patient: What are the major symptoms most women get during their first trimester of pregnancy? i have been having some symptoms like back pain and nausea and headaches, and what appears to be implantation bleeding. also ive had mood swings that are uncontrollable, and i have had weird out of the blue hunger and cravings. could i be pregnant?

Doctor: I comprehend your doubt about possible pregnancy related to your symptoms. Implantation bleeding in which spotting as we ll as some cramping is present can be one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms at 6-10days after conception. Swollen and tenderness in your breast as well as fatigue could be present as early as 7 to 15 days after conception. Nausea and vomits which is commonly known as morning sickness could be experienced as early as 2 to 8 weeks after conception.Certainly the only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a home pregnancy test especially if one week have passed and you don’t’ become aware of your menses. I suggest you to take it with the first urine of the day, as soon as you wake up. If the results were negative, the symptoms that you present could be normally explained by hormonal imbalances or pre menstrual syndrome, you might want to consult your gynecologist for a more detailed history and exam. I wish you the best.