Pregnancy Symptoms fading

Patient: I am approximately 6 weeks pregnant. I had some slight pregy symptoms, Urinating frequently, thirsty, tired, missed period, doubling HCG levels, positive preg test, sore breasts. These were all during the first 5 weeks. Now that i have entered 6 weeks, my symptoms have fainted, my breasts are still swollen and sore but the other symptoms are hardly noticable. should i be worried??

Doctor: The symptoms of pregnancy differ from mother to mother. Up to 70 percent of expectant mothers have nausea, sometimes wit h vomiting, early in pregnancy. This is usually do to the increase in the levels of pregnancy hormones (beta HCG). These symptoms generally improve by the 13th – 14th week of pregnancy. You may need to call your doctor to make sure that the pregnancy is carrying on normally.