Pregnancy test and chances of being pregnant

Patient: Does the two stripes on the pregnancy kit appear simultaneously? I am a virgin, yet I might be pregnant. I missed a period but got it 20 days later, but that still might be vaginal bleeding. Then after 6 weeks of the fooling around with my boyfriend I did a pregnancy test properly(I’m sure of it). I saw only one stripe. Then I waited for hardly 30 second before dumping it. Should have I waited for the second stripe to appear even after 6 weeks pregnancy? It’s two months now and my breasts are sore. What’re the chances of my pregnancy? I don’t want to be pregnant and I am panicking. I thought after 6 weeks the lines should be prominent if I am pregnant.

Doctor: There is no way you could be pregnant if you are a virgin. For pregnancy to occur the sperm has to be deposited deep wit hin the vagina for it to travel up and fertilize the egg. The pregnancy test should be used 5-7 days after a missed period as that is when it is most correct and effective in finding out the outcome. The two stripes for pregnancy appear almost immediately and together if there is a pregnancy present and adequate amount of Beta hcg is present in the urine. You can take the test again. However the chances of you being pregnant if you are a virgin are next to none. There are other causes of a missed period like thyroid issues, stress, PCOS etc. You need to get evaluated for these if you are indeed not pregnant. All the best.