Pregnancy test results don’t make sense

Patient: I had unprotected sex 10.5 weeks ago and took Plan B. About 5 weeks after that, I took a home pregnancy test and got a negative result. I take a birth control pill, but I do not take it consistently, so my periods can sometimes be off… However, I did miss my last period (I should have gotten it last week). My OBGYN had me do a blood test because of it and the results came back as “indeterminant”. What does this mean? Am I pregnant? I am so afraid.

Symptoms: Slight weight gain, occasional nausea, breast tenderness

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As you missed some birth control pills, the possibility of pre gnancy cannot be ruled out.Blood test for early pregnancy may not detect very early pregnancy.In blood test for pregnancy, HCG levels between 5 to 25mIU/ml, gives indeterminate result and HCG levels above 25mIU/ml confirms pregnancy.So, to come to one conclusion, please repeat blood test after one week or go for ultrasound.Take care.