Pregnancy test showed light blue line and a dark blue line

Patient: I recently took a pregnancy test and the outcome of it was a faint blue line and a dark blue line. Could I be pregnant or are they evaporation lines? I also just had my period but I know you can be pregnant and have regular periods.

Symptoms: nausea, cramping, increased appetite, fatigue, moody

Doctor: Thank you for your query. When you opt for a home pregnancy test the result should be read within the time frame mention ed on the kit i.e, roughly below a minute. The lines developed afterwards are of no significance. On the other hand if the faint line developed within the time frame then there may be chances of a pregnancy and the pregnancy is very early i.e, urine sample has faint traces of pregnancy hormone called as BhCG, which was not enough to create a strong positive line. But since you say you had period and if it was normal flow as per your previous cycles it is advised that you opt for another ( repeat) test 3 – 4 days later to confirm if you are pregnant or it was only a false result. With this test you can make sure probably whether you are pregnant or not. Otherwise you opt for a blood test for a pregnancy which will give more accurate results and also can detect early pregnancy as well.Hope that answers your query. Good day !