Pregnancy through cloths?

Patient: My girlfriend and I were having “dry sex” I had on gym shorts and boxers and she had on underwear and cotton leggings. I ejaculated and some sperm on my gym shorts. She also came and was very wet near her vaginal area. Wetness could be felt through her leggings . Is it possible for sperm to travel from my gym shorts, through her pants, and underwear causing pregnancy? She also just finished her period 3 days ago.

Doctor: I appreciate the concern for future consequences in your relationship with your girlfriend.I think there is low chance of pregnancy.First of all your girlfriend is not in ovulatory period (period where female conceives after sexual act).Sperms are very tiny and they need fluid media to move, as you were wearing shorts and boxers and your girlfriend was wearing underwear and legging, it is very unlikely to penetrate inside as the fabric absorbs the semen and dries it and the sperm can not move.However, for your confirmation and a psychological relief you may get a urine pregnancy test done. Ovulation time for the women is 14 th day (11-17th day- range) . Pregnancy test can be done by blood and urine . In blood , it ll be positive after 10 th day of ovulation (6-12 days) and in urine it will be detected after a week after blood . In urine it will be detected almost at time of missed period .