Pregnancy: Timing of Home Pregnancy Test Kits

Patient: Can a girl get pregnant if i ejaculate in my underwear and it gets on her underwear? it’d be through a couple of layers of cotton and we’re just really nervous. Is there anything we can do?

Doctor: If what you are trying to say is you were fooling around with your underwears on, it is unlikely to get pregnant. There are a lot of barriers sperm cells have to go through before it actually reaches the uterus. The mere fact that there was an additional barrier (couple layers of cotton) makes conception very less likely. However, if you did engage in intercourse (penis inside vagina), and did the withdrawal method (withdrawing penis right before ejaculation), there is a high chance of conceiving. Remember that pre-cum also contains sperms cells (although very low compared to cum). If you are really both paranoid, you may do a pregnancy test if she misses a period (5-6 weeks after the last menstrual period aka Day 1 of previous period). Home pregnancy test kits are best done in the morning (first morning urine after waking up) because hormones in the urine are most concentrated during this time. I do hope I have answered your question. Take care always.