Pregnancy with pcos

Patient: Doctor i diagnosed with pcos just three months before. now am taking ginette 35 for past two months.after taking ginette, i got periods for last two months. now i would like to get this time whether i should continue taking ginette or i should stop taking it to get pregnant. whether taking ginette in this time will affect me from getting pregnant?

Doctor: Hello, I understand that you have PCOS and that you are ready for pregnancy. Firstly you must know that PCOS is one of t he most common causes of infertility but that does not mean that you wont get pregnant, you might want to work a little bit more.The first step would be to discontinue your contraceptive mediations, but this time you should have an idea of when your ovulation takes place, usually at the middle of your cycle. You might want to check your temperature during those days to confirm that you are ovulating and just let the nature work.There are also medications to help stimulating ovulation and of course drugs that help with implantation, you could discuss them better with your physician. One general advice for patients with PCOS that want to become pregnant is to diet and exercise since a 5 percent loss in body weight will make a big difference to their overall fertility and minimize the risk of gestational diabetes once they do become pregnant. I wish you a successful pregnancy.