Patient: I have an irregular period that happens sometime between the 27th to the 5th. On May 26 I got cramps, at the time I thought my period was coming on. Later in the day my cramps got severe and I started vomiting… I thought I might of had food poisoning. Over the next 4 days I felt fine apart from being nauseated off and on. One time the feeling of nausea was so strong while I was driving that I pulled over – still nothing happened. The past couple days I’ve felt great and I’ve been having an unusual amount of odorless white / clear watery discharge. I am known to get a yeast infection about once a year… but this isn’t a yeast infection. Yesterday, I took a hpt. It came back negative. Could I be pregnant? Could it be something else? How long should I wait before taking another hpt test?

Doctor: I realize how worried you are about possible pregnancy. Since you have irregular menses, the best time to have a home pr egnancy test would be after a week from your menses due date to avoid false negative results.There is a still a possibility of pregnancy, I would suggest you to take another pregnancy test in the next week, it’s better to use the first urine of the day. I would also suggest you to consult your gynecologist to rule out Candidiasis or other type of Vaginosis that might be causing your vaginal discharge, he or she might also suggest you the use of oral contraceptive which would help you regulating your menses and give you protection against pregnancy.