Pregnant after Miscarriage

Patient: Hi im 18 i had a miscarriage on febuary 17,2010. i was 12 weeks. i had sexual intercourse a week after the miscarriage and a couple times after that.i havent had my period yet. is there a chance that i may be pregnant?

Doctor: I understand your concern about possible pregnancy. After a miscarriage the hormone HCG needs to be cleared out of the b ody completely to return to your normal cycles. Usually this will take around 2 weeks after the miscarriage.Depending on the type of miscarriage that you had, if it was uncomplicated and spontaneous ovulation could have returned after 2 to 4 weeks post miscarriage. I don’t think you will be at risk of pregnancy for the sexual   encounter that you had a week after your miscarriage. But you mentioned you had another two after that, if those were at least two or three weeks after your miscarriage there could be a chance of pregnancy.Usually the menstrual cycles return after 4 to 6 weeks of the miscarriage, I will suggest you wait one more week before taking a pregnancy test. I wish you the best.