Pregnant and Confused

Patient: Im an 11 weeks pregnant. I dont use drugs. my unborn child dad has use heroin off and on.He is getting help to quit. he snorts and doesnt use a needle but back to subject. im afraid that my baby could be in danger. my ultrasound was fine but then again im still early. I quess what im asking is should i use protection from now on with him and what are my chances that my baby might have a defect because of his tainted sperm and how can i tell if something is wrong with my baby so i can prepare myself.

Doctor: I understand how concerned you are about your pregnancy. In the case that the father is the only parent using Heroin, th ere are no reasons to worry about birth defects. However if the mother was using Heroin or other types of recreational drugs prior or during the pregnancy, the possibility of pregnancy complications and  birth defects are increased.On the other hand, it would be recommended for you to get tested for Hepatitis B and C, you can never be sure that your partner never used a needle. I would also suggest you to comply with all of your pre natal controls with your physician and don’t forget to take your Vitamins and minerals especially containing Folic Acid and iron. I wish you the best.