Pregnant and found pimples on vagina

Patient: Hi I’m 33 weeks pregnant and found some white pimple like things on my vagina and the right side where the pimples are is slightly swollen. They are not painful unless rubbed against by my underwear or wiped after urinating.

Doctor: Hello,It appears from the description that they may be bartholin cysts, molluscum or probably a STI like herpes whci h can present with raised papules with growth in confluence . But as you said they are painless and white and hurt only on pressure then bartholin cysts is the most probable diagnosis.It is suggested that you may visit your physician for a local examination to have a diagnosis in place and if need be then a biopsy may be taken from the lesion for culture to isolate the organism if its infective or viral etiology.Please visit your physician for a review,I hope i have answered your query,wishing you safe pregnancy ,regards