Pregnant and having an odd pain

Patient: Hi im 17 and in my third trimester im due april 1st im also a severe asthmatic before i was pregnant i had these chest pains that hurt when i breath but right now im having one of those but its in my collar bone and neck not in my chest it feels like a sharp pain when i take a deep breath in do i have anything to worry about im also just getting over a chest cold i was caughing up yellow and clear which is a usual thing for me

Symptoms: Pain in collar bone/neck

Doctor: Hello,Thanks of the query.If you are in your second trimester and suffering from cold and cough then it is likely that an inspiratory pain under the collarbone at the apical region of the lung can indicate a possible development of pleuritis.This is ideally treated with antibiotics but as you are pregnant, it is better to resort to steam inhalation with plain water thrice a day and if required , when no relief is obtained then a course of pregnancy sad antibiotics like azithromycin may be taken with a daily dose of 500mg for 5 days and that should relieve the infection.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health.Regards