Pregnant and on depo injections.

Patient: My boyfriend and I had sex a month ago today. Last week i was starting to get signs that made me think i was pregnant as in urinating alot, feeling, some of the common signs of it. However i was on the depo shot at the same time during sex but it was towards the end of its life and i was supposed to get a renewal shot on the 4th of january. I also noticed that these signs are also the same very common signs as a urinary tract infection. I have taken a couple pregnancy test that said positive but im still scared to go to the doctor and find out. What is your opinion

Doctor: Home pregnancy tests are quite accurate with very little chance of a false positive result. I would suggest that you see your doctor for an examination and blood test for pregnancy which is a more accurate test. In the case you are pregnant, depo injection would not be advisable. I hope the information helps, take care.