Pregnant and Skin Abcess In Axilla

Patient: Hi am 35 weeks pregnant and have an abscess under my armpit and had several of them forming in the past 4 weeks.Will an abscess form on my baby or do any harm to her. These abscesses are very painful could this cause premature labor.

Doctor: I understand your concern about the possibility of having an Abscess in your armpit, but first we have to make sure that it is really an Abscess and not just an inflamed lymph node.A simple examination from your physician will give you the right diagnosis and treatment. If the possibility of having an abscess would be present, the treatment would depend on the size and presence of other signs and symptoms such as Fever, malaise increasing the chance of the use of antibiotics.Sometimes when the abscesses are small, applying warm compresses directly would help in reabsorbing them, you could try this until your next appointment. In cases were the abscess are bigger, drainage may be needed. An abscess is a localized infection, it would not cause any harm to your baby at this stage. Please consult your physician for a direct examination and choice of treatment.