Pregnant and Swallowed Lysol

Patient: When I was 3 weeks pregnant, I accidnetally wiped my mouth with a lysol wipe instead of a wet one that was next to it. I spit several times as there was bad taste in my mouth but I am worried that i probably ingested some. I didn’t know I was pregnant then, now I’m 5 weeks pregnant and very worried. I was wondering if because it would be a small amount and that it was around the time of implantation that the fetus would not really have been affected since my body would have eliminated most of it. Either way it has me very scared that it could have repercussions

Doctor: The amount of Lysol you described would not be sufficient to do any harm.Furthermore, the method of exposure you descr ibed would most likely cause irritation of the mouth and no ill effects beyond that.I would not worry any further about the effects of Lysol on your pregnancy. In this case there would be no ill effects.