Pregnant and Taking the Pill.

Patient: I recently lost my purse that had my birth control pills in it. I am taking Tri-cyclen lo. I had unprotected sex while my purse was missing, making me unable to take my pills, so I could potentially be pregnant right now. I don’t know if I am for sure, though, so I am still taking the pill every day. I’m wondering if I am pregnant, what the pill will or could do to either me or the baby, if anything at all.

Doctor: Hello, I understand your concern about possible pregnancy. I agree with you that the possibilities of pregnancy when mis sing your oral contraceptives are increased.It all depends on how many you missed and if they were missed consecutively. If you missed more than 2 active pills in a row in your first three weeks, you should have thrown the rest of the package and started a new one on the first day (Day 1) of your next cycle.If you were pregnant and taking oral contraceptives, there might be an increase on the chance of miscarriage. I can’t give you an exact opinion since you don’t mention how many days you missed your pills but I will suggest you to stop them and start on day 1 of your next pregnancy and comply with your pills especially the active ones, if menses are not present until your next cycle, stop taking your contraceptives and take a pregnancy test. I wish you the best.