Pregnant Cream colored dischrge pain after pee negative for all the possible infections

Patient: Hi DR,I am 28 years old, 11 weeks pregnant. I have cream colored discharge to my panty liner sometimes and white sometimes. I am recently tested for Chlamydia, gonorhea, trichomonas, BV, Yeast and even for UTI, Syphillus, HIV as I had burning of vagina after I pee and sudden pins and needles pain in my urethra after I pee. Every test came back negative. But still I still have the pain in my urethra after I pee and burning, but this is not all the time in a day. and the pain is not even severe , the burning of vagina is mild and comes and goes of occasionally in a day mostly after I pee and pain in the urethra ..I rate it as mild to moderate, it comes after I pee and stays for sometime and goes off. Please help me in this regard.