Pregnant from anal sex with possible pre ejac fluid leak?

Patient: Me and my girlfriend tried anal sex. We have not done vaginal before and are both virgins. She is 2 days late on her period and vomited yesterday. The act was 4 days ago.  We were unprotected during the act and I did not ejaculate inside her. I didn’t ejaculate at all. I understand that there could have been some preejaculatory fluid that contains sperm but during the act her anus became very wet. Whatever it was it leaked out a little. It was clear not white. And doing some online searching I have learned that sperm can leak out of the anus and enter the vagina to fertilize the egg.  Right now she has abdominal pain and i have read that it could be air trapped from anal sex, could this also be morning sickness? But she is having pre menstrual cramps right now is there a chance she can be pregnant and the premenstrual cramps be mistaken for implantation cramps? I do not know what to do. Am.quite scared