Pregnant, Missed Period or Something Else?

Patient: Hi, I think I might be pregnant. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on a day I thought I was ovulating (I had clear stretchy discharge) and 6 days later in the morning, I experienced a sharp pain in the right-hand side of my lower abdomen that lasted approx. 30 seconds, I was confused as to ovulation pain? Implantation pain? We also had unprotected sex that afternoon. I’m currently on my cycle day 44 and my periods can be irregular (I’m 17) but never to this extent. However, my period tends to not show up during the December, January and February months since I started menstruating. I have not experienced symptoms like the last time I was pregnant but have had mild cramping in my lower right side of my abdomen and am experiencing what people refer to a “metal mouth” the easiest way for me to describe it for what I’m experiencing is a really bitter and unpleasant taste in the back of my mouth that won’t go away even when I try to flush it down with food or drink, it comes and goes. What is the chance of my being pregnant?

Symptoms: Cramps, bitter taste in mouth, late period