Pregnant or Amenorrhea?

Patient: I had my last period nov.3 , i had sex nov. 14 without any protection.I havent had my period in almost 2 months but today i had light bloody discharge ,however im 14 and im not sure if any of this had to do with amenorrhea or if i am pregnant ?

Symptoms: Nausea , cramps , breast soreness , breast enlargement , back aches , head aches , faint

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.According to your description, you had unprotected intercours e on 12th day of menstrual period.If you had ovulation around that period, there is a possibility of pregnancy.Spotting can be seen during ovulation, premenstrually and in early pregnancy etc.Nausea, breast tenderness etc can be seen in early pregnancy and also in the premenstrual phase.So, just by symptoms we cannot come to one conclusion.Better to go for urine pregnancy test.Take care.