Pregnant or not? i have no idea if she is pregnant

Patient: Hello, so my girlfriend had her period january 25th. we dry humped on February 8th. She was wet but im not sure if my precum went through my boxers and shorts and her panties. we didnt have any skin to skin contact. I did poke her vagina with my penis but only with my clothes on. i went in maybe just the head, but my penis was still clothes from boxers and shorts. Now it is February 24th and she has a brownish red discharge. she says it feel like a period is about to come. she is 16 and im 17. i dont know what to do. Is she pregnant? or is it her period. She has also been stressed out about school. ive also been stressing for the past several weeks. please help.

Symptoms: Lost of appetite, some cravings, brownish red discharge, tired, she sleeps at 1 am wakes up at 6

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is no need to worry about the chances of pregnancy as natural pregnancy only happ ens with direct contact of the penis with the vagina, followed by an ejaculation inside the vagina. Since you both were wearing undergarments, pregnancy is ruled out. The delay in cycles and the red discharge and symptoms of craving, tiredness etc, could all be due to premenstrual symptoms suggesting that menstruation is soon approaching.Hope this helped.Regards