Pregnant or not pregnant

Patient: Hii my name is jenna my period hasnt came down in all november and part december,with my boyfriend he has never penetrated me but we were in interior clothes , ive been having lil pains like if i want to get cramps but i havent vomited or showing belly could i please get an advice to calm my self down? Thanks

Symptoms: CRAMPS

Doctor: Hello,If you have missed your periods by more than a week , then the best way to calm onself is pregnancy is a concer n is to perform a urine pregnancy test which can confirmatively rule out pregnancy . If the test is negative then the delay can be attributed to various causes , most common being stress and also possible hormonal imbalances. The cramps you are experiencing are a part of premenstrual syndrome which can mimic early pregnancy symptoms with nausea , vomiting , headache, mood swings ad many more, but with pregnancy test negative indicates that menses would ensue in few days . These symptoms generally subside after the start of menses.If you haven’t experienced your periods for 15 days post missed period then you must visit your physician for an ultrasound to check for endometrial thickness which if found to be more than 10mm , then you can opt for a withdrawal bleed with progesterones to resume your menses.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health and safe sexual practices,regards