Pregnant while on HCG and how do I tell the difference?

Patient: Could I be pregnant?My cycle has been heavy due to previous fibroid issues, but the question at hand is I’m 14 days late on my menstrual cycle…but I have been taking HCG .25 iu daily for the past 3 weeks…..mostly to help me balance my hormones and additionally for weight loss. I’ve taken it before but never missed a period….however, I’ve not been sexually active for approx 70 days or so…but I’m experiencing some symptoms that are worrying me. and I know if I take a OTC pregnancy test it will come up positive due to the HCG still in my system.

Symptoms: Sore tender breasts…bloating….nausea/vomiting mostly in the morning….cramps …no spotting ….somewhat watery CM (cervical mucus) but consistent….headaches ….backaches…and slight acne break out.