Pregnant with blood type O negative

Patient: I was told at my last appointment that my blood type is O-. Does that mean that I’m RH negative? If so, does that mean I have a high risk for miscarriage even though I’m 13 weeks pregnant?I have also been told that if the baby’s father (Joel Westholter) has RH positive blood that it can cause complications… But if he has RH negative blood there should be nothing to worry about. Is this true? And if so, does his blood need to be tested?

Pregnant with blood type O ...-1

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for asking the question to askthedoctor.comWell if you are O-,then yes it means you are Rh negative. If your husband is also rh negative then the conception should not have any problem . But in case he is rh positive then it is likely that baby would also be rh positive and would cause immunization reaction in your body to make antibodies against your babys blood. Usually the first pregnancy in such cases and yhe mothers have to be given anti d injections is baby is postive and dct negative.If anti d is not been given then she may become alloimmunized and the next conception may get your physician for a detailed discussion and plan.i hope i have answered your query in detail.wishing you safe pregnancy.regards