Pregnant with new symptoms that worry me

Patient: I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant. Today while making breakfast I felt a big pressure in my throat like if I was going to vomit but at the same time I got very dizzy instantly I sat down and drank water I began sweating really bad and got goose bumps and then even thou I was sweeting a lot I got very cold. Is this normal…?


Symptoms: Dizziness, goose bumps, suddenly sweats and cold. 14 weeks pregnant

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comAfter going through your description , it appears to be a HYPOGLYCEMI C ATTACK possibly due to low sugar levels. Th classical symptoms of dizziness with lump in throat, nausea and sweating and even tingling sensation in limb peripheries indicate low sugar levels.It is possible that you may have developed gestational diabetes which is a evident only in pregnancy. It is advisable to meet your physician and seek an oral glucose tolerance test with 75gm glucose to rule out gestational diabetes mellitus.Such hypoglycemic attacks are harmful in the early pregnancy as they may even cause accidental fall injury secondary to dizziness episode and may cause decreased nutrition supply to the fetus by diverting the blood supply to the brain during the attack. In pregnancy , as you would understand there is a special requirement to take care of the diet which needs to be balanced and possess adequate calories to meet the demands of the mother and the growing fetus.Hence it is advisable to meet your physician to rule out any developing gestational diabetes mellitus and its further management in detail . Also seek detailed advise regarding the diet which should be followed during pregnancy in terms of frequent small meals .In case such episodes do occur, then you may keep small sugar pouches of 2 tablespoon each to take instantly to replenish the sugar demand or you may keep chocolates for instant use. But the intake should be restricted for such episodes only and not for regular use.I hope i have answered your queries in detail.wishing you safe pregnancy,regards


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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