Pregnant with spotting and cramps.

Patient: I took two pregnancy tests about 2 weeks ago both of which gave two lines. and on each test the second line was very faint. my last period was on december 12th so since its the end of january i am almost sure im pregnant. however in the last few days i have been have bad headaches, abdominal cramps similiar to menstrual cramps and spotting. the spotting is especially noticeable when i go to the bathroom. i am also a smoker. since i learnt i was pregnant i am trying to stop ad got down to one a day. i have noticed that this smoke almost coincides with the spotting. Am i having implantation bleeding or is it too late for that? or am i miscarrying? what should i do?EDIT:Also i have developed a yeast infection and am using Candid v gel for the past 3 days


Symptoms: Headaches, cramps spotting

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query on ATD.I understand your concern.According to your description, the possible causes o f your spotting and cramps are possible miscarriage, pelvic infection etc.Smoking can lead to miscarriage in pregnancy.Pelvic infection can present with cervical erosion etc which can present with spotting.As you are having repeated episodes of spotting and pain abdomen, better to consult your gynecologist once and get examined.By examination and ultrasound, the possible cause of your problem can be identified and treatment can be planned accordingly.Better to quit the smoking as it can affect the pregnancy and baby.Take care.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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