Pregnant women who has noticed lately that her feces smells like mothballs

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Patient: I am 9 weeks pregnant, and have been craving dairy. I have noticed lately that my feces smells like mothballs. Could this be due to the diet change, chemical deficiency, or should i call my doctor?

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Doctor: Thank you for your query.When the fecal matter smells it could be that since you are in the early weeks of pregnancy, constipation is one problem which is faced by many pregnant women in this phase, because of which the feces may be having this peculiar odor. Lot of hormonal changes also take place during this phase causing the acidity to increase, which adds another reason for the bad odor of the fecal matter. It is always better to opt for a stool examination as well a blood test to rule out any infection. This is to be on the safer side.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.

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Guest: I had a baby 10wks today, I took my period on the 5 th may, and my partner and I had sex withdrawal method, on the 17th may, I was ovualting on the 19th may , though took another period before due on the 21st, is there much chAnce I could get pregnant, as I had a period two days after I ovulated , and if so when do I test , as I had two period in the month

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