Premature ejaculation

Patient: Hello sri am prakashfrom indiamy problem isI do the sex with a girl 2 timeshe is not support to me ndproblem is i see her nude in my room my cock out the cum with in one min i have too much cum but i cont do any thing , both time same problem , after out the cum i loose interest on sex , my cock ll too big in the time watching sex movies and sex talk in phone but problem is on practical , with out big cock how I participate in sex nd oral i love to do oral sex , i do the hand out from too many days in that time it s good but practical :(. I feel very bad please help me nd give me sjtion

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you may be experiencing premature ejaculation. There could be a number of causes of premature ejaculation which can have psychological and biological etiologies.Psychological causes of what you are experiencing could be due to anxiety, inexperience, or even problems within your relationship. Certain biological causes of this could be fluctuations hormone levels, infections or enlargement of the prostate, or even dysfunction of the ejaculatory reflex. In order to rule out any biological causes of your problem we recommend that you be physically examined by your doctor and have the appropriate testing performed.In some cases, when one does not have much experience with sexual intercourse, this can be experienced. With continued practice, this problem can resolve without complication. We hope this has helped you.Thank you for choosing