Premature ejaculation

Patient: I have a problem in ejaculating. I ejaculate very soon, more likely less than 2 minutes after vaginal insertion. I went through a lot of forum and tried with kegel excercise and stuff but nothing helped me out. I am 29 years old and married. In my adolescent age I used to masturbate and I always had the urge to complete it soon, should that be a reason for it or should it have come from my gene? I am able to have sex for a longer time when I consume alcohol. I am very much stressed because I am unable to enjoy the pleasure as others do and the most stressful thing is me spoiling my partners pleasure as well. I am an IT guy, non vegetarian, slightly obese, no other medical problems. Kindly help me with a proper treatment for it

Symptoms: Ejaculating within 2 minutes

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Don’t worry so much as you are not the only person facing this problem, many people sha re similar experiences. Stress could be the main factor. Masturbation only in excessive times at present can cause premature ejaculation and not what you did in adolescence. Cut down on smoking and alcohol totally. Prefer using condoms initially for few acts as it is known to prolong the climax and delay ejaculation. Sleep for at least 8 hours is compulsory. A lot of foreplay must be avoided and cut it short until you get the right ejaculation. Drink plenty of water and keep a healthy diet avoiding junk food. Relax your mind before attempting sex and the place also should be comfortable. Talk to your partner and work out methods to hold back when you feel like ejaculating. If no outcome you may wish to see an andrologist for an examination to rule out any specific causes.Hope this helped.Regards