Premature ejaculation, pain in grion area, body aches early morning

Patient: Dear sir, My age is 37 years my weight is 77 kg and my height is 5 ft 6 inches.From the last three years i have problems with my health.i have severe problem of premature ejaculation and now i also experiancing sexual dysfunction. After ejaculation I feel much weakness and blured vision.I feel feel burning like pain in the urethra after ejaculation .My semen is not concentrated and smell.I have history of IBS and some time my ALT level also increases that was not common before four years.I belong to the tropical area of pakistan and now living in scandinavia from the past one year.I also feel aches joints and body that was not common in my counytry.I will be much thankful to you for you advice.i didnt consulted any urologist or phychologist before owever for my IBS and ALT I consulted my doctors in my country.