Premature Ejaculation,Pain,Stress

Patient: HiSir i m 22 year old male.I Have been habbit of Masturbation by watching porn etc.since i was 15 or 16.Now i m having too many Problems like1)Ejaculation in 6 to 10 seconds2)i m feeling pain in my left testicle3)My penis has shrinked and Hypersensitive4)Too much stress on my mind effecting my study5)Even when i think sexual i get wateredSo plz Help me with thatThanks

Symptoms: Pain,premature ejaculation

Doctor: Your anxiety is understandable and you need to be given proper scientific explanation for the points raised.1. Early ejaculation can happen because of infrequent sex, hence excessive storage in seminal vesicles may lead to early ejaculation.2. More you ‘self-control’, the extra circulation of blood with / around arousal can produce pain and it will reduce after sex.3. Penis cannot shrink. It may look small when placid. Also it becomes big in those who get aroused. Abstinence also makes skin in general or prepuce (covering glans penis) can become hypersensitive.4. Too much abstinence leads to more sexual thoughts and hence difficulties in concentration.5. Since seminal vesicle are full, anything stimulating can lead to ejaculation.6. There is no need for anxiety.