Premature ejaculation while doing love without protection .

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Patient: Hello doc , is it normal that unprotected sex last less than sex with condom ? if so what is the normal/average time for a normal intercourse with and without protection ..what is the best method to last longer …thanks

Symptoms: Premature ejaculation

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for choosing “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.There is no time rule. If you and your p artner are not satisfied with the time period then you are suffering from premature ejaculation. Yes its true that in pre mature ejaculation, the problem is more severe when the sex is unprotected. This is a disorder of anxiety and manifests sexually. It can be treatment by medical and non-medical options. Among the medical options paroxetine and clomipramine are good medicine options for premature ejaculation. I generally prescribe 12.5 mg of paroxetine after careful evaluation of the patient.Among the non-medical options, squeeze technique is very effective and can be practiced and mastered over time. This involves the partner who provides stimulation to your penis and then at the point where the ejaculation is eminent, the partner is expected to squeeze the penis which stops the ejaculation. There may be some reduction in the erectile strength for some time and then the stimulation can be continued.Hope I am able to answer your concerns.Wish you good health!

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