Premature ejucalation and urine inconsistency

Patient: I believe I have a very weak and tired PC Muscle, because i am a 29 old men healthy and very active in sports but suffer from premature ejaculation and urine inconsistency. I have done urine test and blood test with all test being good. I have tried the kelgel exercise with with little improvement.

Symptoms: Premature ejaculation and urine inconsistency

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The pubococcygeus muscle forms part of the pelvic floor and can indeed be a cause of premat ure ejaculation and urine inconsistency. However, there could be other causes of your symptoms. Common causes of premature ejaculation can be due to to psychological problems such as stress and anxiety. Furthermore there are several biological causes of your condition which can be related to hormonal imbalances, or decreases neurotransmitter signals from the brain, or lastly inflammation of the prostate and urethra. Since your urine and blood test showed no findings, we would recommend that you consult a urologist who will be able to determine if there is an anatomical cause of your symptoms. This can indeed be due to the PC muscles, problems with the ejaculatory reflex, or obstruction of the urethra due to an inflamed prostate gland.Thank you for choosing