Premature Menopause at Young Age

Patient: I am 35 year old and i dont have my periods almost 3 months now, and i am not pregnant. I have check my blood and the doctor siad that i am going through menopause. is it possible at this age? what should i do?

Doctor: Premature menopause affects 1% of the population and is defined as a loss of function of the ovaries before the age of 4 0.  While most cases have no known cause, there are some important risk factors.Certain genetic disorders such as Turners syndrome and Fragile X syndrome are know to have increased incidence of premature menopause.  Chemotherapy radiation for cancer treatments can cause premature ovarian failure.  Surgical removal of the uterus or fallopian tubes can lead to early menopause.Early menopause results in decreased levels of circulating  estrogen causing infertily, osteoporosis, and increased incident of heart disease.I would discuss with your doctor to see if hormone replacement therapy is right for you based on your past family and personal medical history