Presemen liquid chances that she will get pregnant?

Patient: Hello and good Evening ,Today i had sex with my GF , it was her first time and we are both 18 years old . WE used a condom and this week she have infertile days . I didnt finished in here Vagina i pulled it out and finished it by myself . Before i finished there was a little amount of presemen liquid. Are there chances that she will get pregnant .. if it isnt that case how long will her period be late ?Wish you a good Day ,




Symptoms: Dont had any smyptoms

Doctor: Thanks you for your query.From your query it appears that you don’t have to worry of a pregnancy, because a cond om was used and was not close to her ovulation days. The chances of conception are almost remote. If there is no pregnancy then she should get her period on time as per her expected menstrual cycle date. If you still want to elude any doubts and if her cycle is late, to be on the safer side go for home pregnancy test 7 to 10 days later to the expected date of periods.Hope this answers your query.Have a good day.

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