Preterm labor or flu?

Patient: I am 30 weeks pregnant with my third child. For the past two days and a half..I have had nonstop diahhrea. I have also been lightheaded with occasional headaches, and have had some lower back pain. My braxton hicks have been on and off for a week or two. Could this be a flu or am I going into preterm labor? I wanted to be sure before I called my doctor.I am also anemic.

Symptoms: diahhrea, headache, lightheaded, lower back pain, and can’t tolerate any foods. BH contractions occasionally.

Doctor: Thank you for your query.It is better to see the doctor who can advise medication to relieve you of diarrhea and also do a scan to see if the cervix is open or close & everything is fine with the baby. Generally if they are labor pains they tend to get painful, rhythmic, frequent at regular intervals & intensify with time.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.