Prickles all ova body

Patient: Hi im getting prickles allover body cut out dairy but stil hae them i have in a coppercoil symptoms started months after having it fitted i think it may be mercury toxicity from mercury amalgam fillings plz visit elessawy harlystreet and read his website , protocol and a question of mercury he staes sumwhere that u can have crawling sensations from mercury amalgam fillings and that haing one is enough to get a 10 acre lake closed if the equivalent of mercury is in it , and plz go on the naturalhealth remedy second video down and ul see alisons video stating mercury amalgam fillings are responsable for so many health complaints couls it be this ? my docs dont have a clue about anything i ask them i have m.e but im thinking is this actually caused by mercury amalgam fillings i have six i havnt got hayfever plz help me i take digestive enzymes protein drinks liquid iron 14mg iron tabs im sure the prikles started before this in summer i eat high protein diet dairyfree low sugar if i dont eat each 2 hours i collapse with weakness