Private part kicked as a child. Could this cause infertility?

Patient: When i was a kid i had an accident that my most private part had been kicked but my real point is my wife and i decided to have our first child and after a week or two my wife had her menstruation period. so we’ve been worried thinking that one of us is barren. and i might thinking that is there any possibility that im an infertile male just because i had a little past accident.? pls doc. i need some answers

Doctor: Thank you for your query.From your query it looks like your couple have tried only a month and jumped to a conclusion that one of you are not fertile. But that’s not true. Generally the couple has to try for at least a year having regular unprotected intercourse and try to conceive instead of jumping to conclusions. But if the female spouse is >35 years then this period of try can be cut short to six months. Only if conception has not occurred even after that then you couple may require to see a fertility specialist who will assist in diagnosing the cause after investigations. As you have quoted that you had an accident which affected your private part it is advisable that you just get a simple semen analysis done with 3 -5 days of abstinence which would provide an insight, in to the semen parameters roughly let you know if spermatogenesis has been affected in some way as a result of the accident.If the count is good say >20millions per ml of the ejaculate with ~30% active motility you can try for a pregnancy for a year before opting for medical intervention.Hope that answers your query.Good luck.