Patient: Hello i am 32 year old on my blood test report i found my AST and ALT is high or Cholesterol Triglycerides is low Please Suggest I never use alcohol and smoking i have also keens pain problem

Doctor: Liver fuction tests life AST, ALT and Triglycerides can be elevated because of many reasons. Inflammation or damage to t he liver due to infection, disease, toxins, drugs and alcohol may cause derangement in the values. Other pathologies like biliary tract disease, gallstones, may also cause rise in LFTs.An ultrasound of the abdomen may be required to rule out fatty liver and obstruction of the gall bladder due to stones or stricture. Try avoiding overuse of over the counter drugs, minimize alcohol intake and eat lots of leafy greens and vegetables. You may want to repeat the blood test after a few months to make sure they are back to the normal range.