Problem with acceleration

Patient: I have a strange problem that’s difficult to try and resolve because of how extremely difficult it is to explain. The problem has recurred ever since i was a little kid. I’m now 26. The problem is not a fear, it’s a feeling.Basically the problem happens whenever travelling at fast speeds. A constant fast speed for example on a motorway is fine but any acceleration for example an aeroplane taking off or landing, a rollercoaster or a big hill or corner on the road is a big no no. It is a constant thing and not just occasional.Whenever the fast acceleration occurs i get an unbearable feeling which is the really hard part to explain. I wouldn’t quite describe it as a pain but close to it. I can’t keep my eyes open when the episodes occur. Sometimes there is also an uncomfortable feeling between the top of my nose and my eye area. Could it be in somehow related to sinuses?It isnt connected with being able to see how fast im travelling as ive tried both keeping my eyes closed and also tried my eyes both open and closed on ride simulators which are obviously hardly moving and the unbearable sensation still occurs.Now one thing that does make it extra weird (and this is only occasional) is that sometimes watching fast speeds on television can trigger the feeling. Not to the same extreme as it does first hand but there is still something there…which makes me think it would be connected somehow with sight but as mentioned i have closed my eyes before and it still happens.Over the years ive been to doctors with great struggle to explain and tried endless searches online but i just cant find even the slightest idea of what it could be.I love to travel and i would love to not have to worry every time i step in a car or an aeroplane. And id also love to be able to go on theme park rides so i wish one day i may have an answer.Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Symptoms: As above